Letter from the President:

For over a decade, Friends of Mayer (FOM) has proudly supported Oscar Mayer Magnet School through fundraising and community-building initiatives. Mayer is one of the most desirable elementary schools in Chicago, due in part to a strong partnership between parents, teachers, administrators and the broader Lincoln Park community.  

Our fundraising efforts strive to close the gap between public funding and the cost of a high quality education. This past school year, through the financial generosity of our community, FOM raised over $750,000 to support Mayer for the 2019/20 school year. These funds help keep our Montessori and IB programs whole by supporting teaching assistants, technology, classroom supplies and more, all of which enrich our children’s academic environment. 

FOM also plans and hosts countless events to bring together students, parents, and staff for celebrations, spirit building and community service opportunities. A full calendar of events is published each summer. Please check back in August to view the line-up!

There are many opportunities to get involved in FOM and play an active role in your child’s school. If you are interested in learning more or have any questions, please reach out to me at president@friendsofmayer.org

On behalf of the FOM 2019/2020 board, thank you for your support! We’re looking forward to a great school year and continued success.   

In Bulldog Pride,

Melissa Kaeser, 2019/2020 FOM President