May 2019 Meeting Notes

FOM 2018/2019 Board Meeting

Tuesday, May 7, 2019



6:44pm Welcome/Introductions

Special thank you to Deni Mayer for ensuring the book fair was such a success and ensuring all our events have all the helpers they need (and being that extra helper when they don’t!)

·       Erika Vogel (President – Officer)

·       Sandy Baccam (Treasurer – Officer)

·       Danielle Drayton (Principal)

·       Deni Mayer (Volunteer Coor)

·       Julie Zwick (Room Parent Liaison and Benefit Co-chair)

·       Natalie Meadows (Walkathon Chair)

·       Rory Muchow (Teacher Rep)

·       Liz Wontor-Leach (Asst. Principal)

·       Melissa Kaeser (VP Fundraising – Officer)

·       Tara Konecny (Secretary - Officer)

·       Julie Schulhof (Community VP)

Not present:

·       Melissa Seiler (Bulldog Heroes)

·       Natalie Patterson (Benefit Chair)

·       Melissa Herman (Walkathon co-Chair)

·       Firouzeh Rismiller (VP Sponsorship – Officer)

·       Olivia Lopez (Assistant Treasurer – Officer)

·       Katie Edmonds (Teacher Rep)

·       Roona Shah (VP Communications – Officer)



6:40pmFinancial Update:                                                            Sandy Baccam/Olivia Lopez

·       Review Operating Budget

o   We had a successful benefit, raised more but likely because we had more ticket sales and offered corporate sponsorships

o   Overall this year we have raised $20K less than the ask from the LSC for the budget

§  Discussion from administration about how our coming year looks – we are trying to develop a funding plan that is sustainable for what we raise

§  Lots of neighborhood interest in the school, even lots of families interested in tuition based 3 yo school year, school population is expected to continue to increase

§  Innovative programs like the new partnership with a dance school - an idea is for FOM to pay for the dance program and expand that to gain PE minutes, also getting the second PE teacher will help with PE minutes, these are ideas to help the school without having to cover people’s salaries 

o   Reviewed all our expenditures and tried to figure out where we can save some money, have placed our savings in an account that earns close to $2500 each month

o   Discussed ideas for teacher appreciation

§  More treat/cookie days

§  Food on PT conference days, offer Gf and vegan options

Votes:                                                                        Erika Vogel

·       4.9.19 Minutes – no vote, tabled to the next time

·       LSC Financial Request SY ‘19/’20: $670,600 – seconded and passed unanimously                                   


Walk-A-Thon                                                                   Natalie Meadows/Melissa Herman              

·       T-shirt contest update  

o   Being voted on by the teachers, we got great submissions, winner will be announced on Friday, order the t-shirts

o   Weinermobile needs 6 months ahead of time, but would like to get the Mayer Bulldog, Benny the Bull, DePaul Blue Demon and possibly NW mascots

o   Music – Rory will get a committee of kids to put together a playlist for the day to have the kids run to

·       Communications Schedule

·       Fundraising schedule: May 28th- June 7th\ Will send stay tuned email before May 28th

·       Fundraising Concepts:

o   Discuss classroom video concept – 5thgrade and less might work, the MYP kids are extremely busy

§  If this is an EC, EL1, and EL2 ideas – Natalie to meet with Katie to put this together

o   Classroom award is Fun Friday – had to earn for MYP with good behavior, is this something that can be linked to the Lock-in?  We decided the Lock-in is just for fundraising and will not be linked to how the kids behave in class

o   The MYP team will have a different goal for June

§  MYP Lock-In 2019 Goal: $6,000 | Raised: $7,500 – date is June 14th, weekend before graduation

o   Funday Friday – something relaxing to do (at teacher discretion) if classes reach fundraising goals – also getting cupcakes from SMBs 

·       Sponsorships – lots are coming in, Fi is handling this


Upcoming Events Overview

·       Teacher Appreciation Week 5/6-5/10                                   Erika Vogel

o   Surprise going out to everyone – similar to last year, but not the same

o    If you want to come in early to help hand out, Nisha has been doing this will be distributing it

·       Walkathon 6/7                                                                 Natalie Meadows


FOM Board ‘19/’20 Positions | Bulldog Blast Communications  

Email Erika Vogel if you plan to stay on, we are soliciting new members to get people involved and fill key vacancies


FYI: Upcoming FOM Meeting Dates all 6:30-8:00pm: 6/4, Elections will be held

            For the next year, Erika Vogel will not stay on as FOM President, Melissa Kaeser to be President

            Communications changes – Roona to take on the role of Maureen Riordan (mostly behind the scenes) and train Tara to be Communications:

            -Maureen and Roona are the two people who can send email on behalf of the entire school

            -Room parent lists that Maureen currently controls

            -We need a Sponsorship chair and Asst Treasurer

            -Liz is very tech savvy so she might be able to help with MailChimp and editing things                 


8:00pm ADJOURN. On time 8:00pm!

Tara Konecny