June 2019 Meeting Notes

FOM 2018/2019 Board Meeting

Tuesday, June 4, 2019



6:38pm Welcome/Introductions

Special thank you to the 2018/2019 FOM Board for an incredible year (and it’s not over yet!).  A thank you to Erka Vogel for serving as president for 2 years, she did an amazing job.


·       Erika Vogel (President – Officer)

·       Sandy Baccam (Treasurer – Officer)

·       Olivia Lopez (Asst. Treasurer)

·       Danielle Drayton (Principal)

·       Deni Mayer (Volunteer Coor)

·       Julie Zwick (Room Parent Liaison and Benefit Co-chair)

·       Natalie Meadows (Walkathon Chair)

·       Rory Muchow (Teacher Rep)

·       Liz Wontor-Leach (Asst. Principal)

·       Melissa Kaeser (VP Fundraising – Officer)

·       Tara Konecny (Secretary - Officer)

·       Julie Schulhof (Community VP)

·       Roona Shah (VP Communications)

·       Melissa Seiler (Bulldog Heroes)

·       Natalie Patterson (Benefit Chair)

·       Melissa Herman (Walkathon co-Chair)

·       Firouzeh Rismiller (VP Sponsorship – Officer)

·       Olivia Lopez (Assistant Treasurer – Officer)

·       Katie Edmonds (Teacher Rep)

·       Roona Shah (VP Communications – Officer)

·       Mark Sassower (LSC Chair)

·       Nicki Weldzius

·       Allison Hirsch

·       Sarah Polachek

Votes:                                                                           Erika Vogel

·       5.14.19 Minutes and 4.9.19 Minutes reviewed and approved

·       2019/2020 FOM Board

Proposed board was presented.  A motion was made to elect proposed board, seconded, all in favor, proposed changes to the board will take effect on June 30, 2019

·       President: Melissa Kaeser

·       V.P. External Communications: Roona Shah

·       V.P. FOM Communications: Tara Konecny

·       Treasurer: Sandy Baccam

·       Assistant Treasurer: Damla Gerhart

·       Secretary: Nikki Weldzius

·       V.P. Fundraising: Nisha Hazra

·       Walkathon: Melissa Herman

·       Volunteer Chair: Deni Mayer

·       Benefit Co-Chair: Natalie Patterson

·       Room Parent Liaison and Benefit Co-Chair: Julie Zwick

·       V.P. Community: Julie Schulhof

·       Sponsorship Co-Chair: Sarah Polachek

·       Sponsorship Co-Chair: Alison Hirsch

·       Bulldog Heroes: Melissa Seiler

·       EC Teacher Rep: Katie Edmonds

·       MYP Teacher Rep: Rory Muchow

Walk-A-Thon 6/7                                                            Natalie Meadows

·       Fundraising Update – donations coming in for WAT

·       Day of Update                                                                Natalie Meadows

o   Staggered Start Times – for safety – keeping each class separate for 30 seconds or so 

o   Extra Tee Shirts - misprinted and need to do something with them, will likely not use them for the event because sponsor names are missing, will donate to someplace for the use of the fabric.  We can’t keep them in the school because of the renovations so won’t save them for next blanket project

o   Lunch for All Day People – Melissa Kaeser to get some lunch for the 8-ish people who are planning to be there all day

·       Volunteer Update                                                            Deni Mayer

o   We are behind a bit for volunteers – we do try to overask so that we have plenty of volunteers, but we are behnd with where we were last year with people signing up.  Continue to promote and ask for help

·       Spirit Wear                                                                     Tara Konecny

o   Will have a new banner to promote Spirit Wear and show prices

o   We need to decide if we will stay with Chicago Signs and Screeens for Spirit Wear next year.  Sandy is going to let us know how much we spent this year and try to get a better deal with them or with another company 

Financial Update:                                                            Sandy Baccam/Olivia Lopez

·       Review Operating Budget

o   Hoping for a successful WAT.  Benefit and Pledge Drive were good, still $37,000 owed in pledges, Sandy will continue to send reminders but FY ends on June 30th.

·       Need to set the budget for next year, Sandy will contact everyone who has a budget to review

Upcoming Events Overview

·       Walkathon 6/7                                                                Natalie Meadows

·       Trebes Park Advisory Council Meeting 6/13                          Erika Vogel

o   Would be great to have a big Mayer presencde, the plans have moved forward and we need a lot of support.    

o   Michelle Smith has been involved and her office has helped move things forward along with a group of dedicated parents who have done mazing work

·       FOM Summer Social 8/7                                                   Julie Zwick

o   Casita’s on August 7thfor all new and exiting board – drinks and appetizers

·       School Supplies Delivery | Date TBD, Week of 8/25                Erika Vogel

o   New company does their own delivery, needs a few volunteers the week of August 25th

o   August 27th building back from Capital Improvements

·Back to School Fair | Date: TBD                                          Tara Konecny

o   Parent Resource Fair

Upcoming Meeting Dates                                                 Melissa Kaeser 

·       Decide Summer Meeting Dates, will be coordinated via email with people who attend each meeting

o   Calendar Planning | Date: TBD

o   Back to School Meeting | Date: TBD

ADJOURN 7:37 pm

Tara Konecny