March 2019 Meeting Notes

6:30pm Welcome/Introductions


·       Erika Vogel (President – Officer)

·       Sandy Baccam (Treasurer – Officer)

·       Firouzeh Rismiller (VP Sponsorship – Officer)

·       Natalie Patterson (Benefit Chair)

·       Deni Mayer (Volunteer Coor)

·       Julie Schulhof (Community VP)

·       Julie Zwick (Room Parent Liaison and Benefit Co-chair)

·       Natalie Meadows (Walkathon Chair)

·       Tara Konecny (Secretary - Officer)

·       Liz Wontor-Leach (Asst. Principal)

·       Rory Muchow (Teacher Rep)

·       Olivia Lopez (Assistant Treasurer – Officer)

·       Sacha Krasney (website development)

 Not present:

·       Melissa Kaeser (VP Fundraising – Officer)

·       Danielle Drayton (Principal)

·       Melissa Seiler (Bulldog Heroes)

·       Roona Shah (VP Communications – Officer)

·       Katie Edmonds (Teacher Rep)

 6:35pmSpecial thank you to Ivette Aguirre-Beck and Right at School for being such incredible partners and to Jalena Sidler for an incredible Sock Hop!

 6:40pmFinancial Update:                                                          Sandy Baccam/Olivia Lopez

·       Review Operating Budget – doing great on pledge drive, sold a lot of tickets to the Benefit

            6:50pmVotes:                                                                           Erika Vogel

·       Approve 2.13.19 Minutes – motion to approve, approved

         6:55pm Website Update                                                          Tara Konecny

            Maureen & Liz for pictures

            Melissa Kaeser pics from Pledge Drive

            SEL Pictures from around the building – photog


7:05pmSpirit Wear                                                                   Tara Konecny 


7:15pm Benefit                                                                        

·       Auction Update                                                            Natalie Patterson

o  Site is live!  Looks fantastic and has lots of items

·       Event Update and Communications                              Julie Zwick


·       School Experiences                                                       Julie Schulhof and Julie Zwick

o  Parent parties, 

·       Mystery Boxes                                                              Julie Schulhof

o  On the website, $10 to bid on a gift


7:30pm Upcoming Events Overview

·       Food for Friends 3/23                                                   Bulldog Heroes

·       Ronald McDonald House 3/24                                       Erika Vogel

·       MAYER BENEFIT! 3/29                                                   Natalie Patterson & Julie Zwick

·       Chuck E Cheese 4/10                                                    Fi Rismiller

o  No school that day

·       Book Fair  April 8th-12th                                                 Deni Mayer

o  Report card pickup on 4/10

o  Will provide a lunch for teachers

·       Teacher Appreciation Week 5/6-5/10                           Erika Vogel

o  Starbucks order but there is a new manager

·       Honor Choir has been asked to travel to Washington DC to 

o  May 12th– 14thcurrently pricing the event

o  23 kids, 35 people total

·       Walkathon 6/7                                                             Natalie Meadows

o  Setup team ready – co chair is no longer able to be available day of

o  Deni may be able to help as day of person to coordinate

o  Send out Bulldog Blast for day of help 

·       Open Board member positions for next year

o  Sasha is moving – so we need a social media chair

o  Communications for next year – Roona will stay on, Maureen is leaving

§  Maureen has been managing google groups and LSC communications

§  Communications umbrella will be changing and we are looking for volunteers to take over these roles, both social media and communications 


FYI: Upcoming FOM Meeting Dates all 6:30-8:00pm: 4/9, 5/14, 6/4


8:00pm ADJOURN

Tara Konecny