January 2019 Meeting Notes

Meeting call to order at 6:37am


Special thanks to Fi Rismiller for being so proactive and responsive with our current and potential sponsors. Two parent guests attended the meeting, Sarah & Allison



·       Erika Vogel (President – Officer)

·       Sandy Baccam (Treasurer – Officer)

·       Firouzeh Rismiller (VP Sponsorship – Officer)

·       Melissa Kaeser (VP Fundraising – Officer)

·       Danielle Drayton (Principal)

·       Tara Konecny (Secretary - Officer)

·       Melissa Seiler (Bulldog Heroes)

·       Natalie Patterson (Benefit Chair)

·       Rory Muchow (Teacher Rep)

·       Deni Mayer (Volunteer Coor)

·       Julie Schulhof (Community VP)

·       Julie Zwick (Room Parent Liaison and Benefit Co-chair)

·       Roona Shah (VP Communications – Officer)

·       Katie Edmonds (Teacher Rep)


Not present:

·       Natalie Meadows (Walkathon Chair)

·       Olivia Lopez (Assistant Treasurer – Officer)

·       Liz Wontor-Leach (Asst. Principal)


Financial Update:                                                        Sandy Baccam

·       Review Operating Budget – turn in reimbursements

·       Pledge Drive Financials

o  68% participation – broke down participation by grade levels, dollar ranges, and  

o  $492,533 grand total (received and pledged)


Vote:                                                                           Erika Vogel

·       Approve 12.11.18 Minutes approved


Website Update:                                                          Tara Konecny

            Sacha Krasney has offered to donate the cost of renovating/redesigning the Friends of Mayer website and put it onto Squarespace.  Sacha showed Tara how the site works and it is a bit more user friendly than Wordpress.  Our monthly cost of maintenance would go from $19.95/month to $8-12/month so that would be cheaper, as well.  A member mentioned that Squarespace is what they set up their business after a lot of research. Tara to be the point person for designing the site with Squarespace to streamline communications.


Spirit Wear:                                                                 Tara Konecny

Both sales were completed with Chicago Signs and Screens so we now need to decide a direction to go with the website. Options are to reopen the shop for a Spring Sale or to purchase merchandise to sell in person at the Walkathon.  That sale has always been very popular so it would be a good idea to get a plan in place for the Walkathon.  Tara to set up a meeting with Chicago Sign and Screens to see what direction we should go.  



·       Communications Overview                                            Roona Shah

o  Plan in place for making sure each week a room parent email, Bulldog Blast updates and enough information is distributed

·       Auction Update                                                             Natalie Patterson

o  Hotel points, experiences needed, check the spreadsheet to see if a sponsor has been covered before reaching out to a sponsor

·       Event Update                                                                Julie Zwick

o  The Breakfast Club is the new band

o  23 restaurants, Limelight 

·       School Experiences and Teacher Boxes                          Julie Zwick and Schulhof

o  We will offer all teachers/assistants a chance to do their own surprise packs, they were so popular, will give out gift cards for all who sign up 

o  One EC MOVIE NIGHT $25 per child, same movie in all rooms

o  One Bingo Night for E1

o  YOGA – parent/child yoga to be offered from Rory

o  Brainstorm ideas for MYP & EL2, contacting teacher and possibly parents via RP email


Upcoming Events Overview

·       Share Our Spare 1/19                                                   Melissa Seiler

o  More spots still available, kids 6+ - lots of snow on Saturday

·       Random Acts of Kindness Week 2/20-2/23                    Melissa Seiler

o  Getting away from a daily theme, how to incorporate SEL and things already 

o  Kindness ”grateful” box

·       Mom’s Night Out Wednesday, 2/20 (NEW DATE)                                   Julie Schulhof

o  Birch Road – new date, bring or buy a wine, upcycle colors as a craft drop off stuff

·       Ronald McDonald House 2/24                                       Melissa Seiler

·       Dad’s Night Out 2/28                                                   Julie Schulhof

o  Birch Road

·       Spring Sock Hop 3/15                                                   Julie Schulhof

o  LakeShore, Girls Choice Dance

·       Ronald McDonald House 3/24                                       Melissa Seiler

o  Sign out will be out, attendees have to shop/plan the meal

·       MAYER BENEFIT! 3/29                                                 Natalie Patterson & Julie Zwick

o  Purchase tickets – it will be awesome!

·       Chuck E Cheese 4/10                                                   Fi Rismiller

o  April 10th– report card day – no school – 11am-7pm, send promo home in folder, fundraisers

·       7th/8th grader projects promoted that day



FYI: Upcoming FOM Meeting Dates all 6:30-8:00pm: 2/13, 3/19, 4/9, 5/14, 6/4


8:11pm ADJOURN

Sacha Krasney