April 2019 Meeting Notes

Meeting call to order at 6:39pm

 Special thanks to Julie Zwick and Natalie Patterson and the entire Benefit planning committee for an amazing Benefit!  


·       Erika Vogel (President – Officer)

·       Sandy Baccam (Treasurer – Officer)

·       Danielle Drayton (Principal)

·       Melissa Seiler (Bulldog Heroes)

·       Natalie Patterson (Benefit Chair)

·       Deni Mayer (Volunteer Coor)

·       Julie Zwick (Room Parent Liaison and Benefit Co-chair)

·       Natalie Meadows (Walkathon Chair)

·       Melissa Herman (walkathon co-Chair)

·       Rory Muchow (Teacher Rep)

·       Firouzeh Rismiller (VP Sponsorship – Officer)

·       Liz Wontor-Leach (Asst. Principal)


Not present:

·       Melissa Kaeser (VP Fundraising – Officer)

·       Tara Konecny (Secretary - Officer)

·       Olivia Lopez (Assistant Treasurer – Officer)

·       Katie Edmonds (Teacher Rep)

·       Julie Schulhof (Community VP)

·       Roona Shah (VP Communications – Officer)


Financial Update & Benefit Recap

●      Congrats and thanks to the Benefit organizers, Julie Zwick, and Natalie Patterson!

●      Sandy went over giving most devoted moving sidewalk volunteers should get Starbucks gift cards

●      Dad’s night out made nearly $4,000- goes to Beyond the Classroom

○      A dad donated the alcohol, it was held at Birch Road Cellar

●      For the parties that need participants, we discussed reaching out to families personally 

○      More word of mouth advertising for parties and experiences

●      Room parent emails are an idea to send out to parents about parties

●      Hosting the Benefit at the new venue was more expensive, but we sold more tickets

●      The auctioneer was a flat cost, not based on what he raised.  We used GiveSmart for the online and in person auction.


Minutes from March meeting presented to the committee, motion to approve, passed. 


Just go to Sleep is a company that has approached Friends of Mayer for a mattress fundraiser 

●      Will give us $3,000 initially, we would make more on what we sell

●      There will be some initial advertising that is needed, gorilla marketing, etc. 

●      We will think about this and we’ll revisit in the fall



●      LSC approval at May 2ndmeeting

●      Dates for T-Shirt contest

○      Would like for the contest to run for April 22-26th

○      We will send out communications on the 19th, then send out flyers on Monday, April 22nd

●      Fundraising schedule

○      May 28th- June 7th are the dates we will encourage the kids to bring in donations

●      Maybe we prepare people more in the beginning. 

○      In room parent emails, maybe we tell 

●      Lock-In is June 14th

●      Videos- each class is creating something asking or money?

○      Video competition- this could be optional with MYP, and maybe ask prek-5 

○      Timing wise, Monday May 20th would be a good day to gather videos

○      Katie Edmonds will talk to Montessori teachers to see if they are interested 

○      It makes no difference when the videos are made

○      Small blurb, and a heads up for what Erika sends

●      Incentives

○      Fun Friday afternoon (class decides what Friday is) and cupcakes, the class has to get the goals for both

○      MYP Goal- $7,500 – there will be time between when it’s scheduled so it’s not as close to the WAT as last year

○      Introducing a theme for the walk-a-thon

■      Soles of Mayer, The Sole of Mayer, We are Mayer...all ideas, let’s reach out to Melissa Kaiser to help with themes/branding

○      Weiner Mobile – we would like to get it back – getting it after school or ideally all day

○      There will be no Walkathon after party again this year

●      Bulldog Heroes

○      No upcoming events

○      Feedback

■      Random acts of kindness week- all positive feedback

■      Community building activity for staff 

●      Book fair volunteers are okay, might need one tomorrow

●      Honor choir tour is next month

●      Battle of the books is doing well, we were the top school in network 4

●      Staff lunch- Fat Shallot – FOM received a nice thank you note form the teachers

●      Chuck E Cheese

●      Teacher Appreciation week- trying to do Starbucks again, may need help transporting coffee


Meeting adjourned, 7:45 pm

Tara Konecny