Be A Supporter

Mayer Magnet School is more than just a school: It is a Community! Mayer has become a school of choice throughout CPS.  The success of our school has led many families to move to the community, and, subsequently, many businesses to open their doors here.  For years we have all frequented these businesses because of convenience and proximity. While several of these businesses (including many owned by Mayer parents) have long been Mayer family favorites and have been long-time Mayer supporters, Friends of Mayer is now working to cement these relationships more formally.

We are currently in discussions with many neighborhood businesses—and that process will continue in an ongoing fashion throughout this school year and into the future—about creating a legion of Mayer Supporters. Soon these businesses will have “Proud Supporter of Mayer Magnet” stickers in their windows, and their company logo on banners around Trebes Park, in our FOM newsletters, on our website and in our user-friendly Mayer Supporter Directory. They will be involved with Beyond the Classroom events and some will be present at the Mayer Benefit and/or Walkathon to meet and greet the Mayer community.

What can Mayer families do to help? When shopping or seeking a service, give preference to the Mayer supporters you can find in our Supporter Directory. When you see the supporter sticker in the window, thank the store manager or owner for supporting Mayer.  The best businesses are good neighbors. Let’s help them see that and thank them for their support so they know it matters to us and our kids.

As CPS budget cuts continue to put Mayer’s fundamental programs at risk, we need to step up our efforts in building these relationships. Friends of Mayer would not be able to provide this level of funding without the support and partnership from our local business community. Simply put, a strong Mayer means a strong neighborhood and a more vibrant business climate for everyone.

The goal of our new efforts is to show each business that our strong parent base is ready to support the businesses that support our school. If you know of a business that might like to become a “friend” of Mayer, please reach out to Friends of Mayer at or click HERE to give that business a copy of our supporter letter which details our Mayer Supporter program. Or Donate Online HERE.