Letter from President


As the President of Friends of Mayer, it’s one of my missions, along with our entire board, to create a community of devoted and committed parents — to the school, teachers and students.

Whether you’re new to the school this year — WELCOME! — or have been a part of this community for a while, we want to take the opportunity to thank you for your time and service.

Each year, Friends of Mayer (FOM) has given the school more money than was raised the year prior. Funding from FOM is the glue that keeps our core programs in place, supporting 9 percent of the school’s $6.1 million operating budget. To keep all programs in place each year, we anticipate needing even more money from FOM to fill Mayer’s operating budget gaps. We do not expect the funding cut from our core programs last year to be reinstated, so we, as parents, need to step up our level of support for our Montessori and IB programs in order to continue to keep them whole.

Whether your child is part of the legacy that built Mayer or your child is a new preschooler with a bright Mayer future ahead of them, your support is vital to preserve Mayer’s Future of Excellence.

If you have any questions, please reach out to me at president@friendsofmayer.org.

Here’s to a winning year,
Pam Lookatch, FOM President